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Danny Kroetch

"My Goal is to eliminate discomfort for both horse and rider thereby maximizing performance by increasing freedom of movement”
Dan Kroetch is a Master Saddle Fitter who travels widely throughout North America, Europe and Asia conducting saddle fitting clinics and giving lectures on the proper fitting of saddles. Dan has a reputation for being able to fit the most difficult horses and his specialty lies in his ability to help those horses that are experiencing pain from their existing saddles.
In conjunction with Academy Bartels, Dan was invited to take part in a 15-month study with Utrecht Veterinary University in the Netherlands on how ill fitting saddles affect the horse's movement. The findings were published in 2004.

Alex Grayton & Hell Boy @ Spruce Meadows

Alex jumped big jumps in his new saddle at Spruce Meadows.

Congrats Alex - Great Riding !

Alexander Grayton, Grayton Farms - Dare To Compare

Danny and Crystal from DK Saddlery came to Grayton Farms to present their "Dare to Compare" trial of their saddles.  After warming up and riding in the DK saddle, Alex jumped a few jumps and could feel the difference in how the horse moved more fluidly even over jumps.  Known as a sceptic of new things and secrets in this business, Alex eagerly put his own saddle back on the same horse to compare the feeling.  He said it was abundantly clear how much tighter the horse felt right away, including a more restricted feeling in the shoulder motion even over a small jump.

Dare To Compare DK Jump Saddles

The DK Saddles offer full adjustability with ultimate shoulder freedom as well as superior rider positioning over fences.

Testimony - Rhiannon Williams

I thought I'd let you know that I recently had an eye opening DK moment. I've recently been trying out several horses for myself and students riding in other people's saddles, including all purpose and jump saddles (off putting for a dressage rider) One day, I went to check out an eventer, not excited to get in another jump saddle but this time the saddle was so comfy !  And when I lengthened my stirrups it supported me just like a dressage saddle !  Of course, when I got off and noticed that it was a DK I was no longer surprised that I was so impressed by a jump saddle.  

Janet Teodori - Testimonial

Hi Danny:  I wanted you to know that the saddle you adjusted for me in Tucson (at 10:30 pm no less !!!) is working VERY well!! I am really liking it and the trainer here,  Beth Baumert, also really likes it for me.  Thank you again!  

Adjusting Saddles