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English Saddles

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The DK Saddle is truly a one-of-a-kind and uses the newest technology in western saddles today. Danny Kroetch has been a master saddle fitter for over 18 years, fitting approximately 2,000 saddles a year . Dan travels and is well known all over the world for his knowledge and abilities to fit and design saddles that work for every discipline. He was invited by the University of Utrecht, a veterinary university, to help in a 15-month study of how ill-fit saddles hurt horses. The study was published in the Veterinary Journal in 2005.

Sizes: 14"-17"

Leather: Available in Traditional Leathers, French, Buffalo and French Calf Leather.

All the DK saddles are 100% adjustable . There are two dressage models . Riders have the choice of an external or internal thigh block in a mono flap design. For the hunter/jump riders also two models. A dual flap and a mono flap. Also available in the english line is a very innovative cross country saddle as well as a General purpose and endurance style

Interlocked Double V Girthing System: The girthing system is also new to the DK Saddle. DK Saddlery uses an interlocking double V system that is placed over the strongest part of the horse's back, which gives the saddle far more stability, allows the horse to lift and carry its back far more freely, and makes it far more comfortable. This also enhances the movement and performance of the horse.

Upper-Inner Thigh twist: The twist of the saddle is extremely narrow to allow the leg to fall into the correct position.
This offers close contact for improved communication and a more secure seat.


Benefits Over the Traditional Saddle:

  • Adjustable to fit different horses

  • Places the weight correctly on the tricep muscle giving the should total freedom to move which creates a much more willing and happier to work.

  • Built in Air System can be adjusted to fit the asymmetry of a horses back, helping the saddle sit square and level. This results in less chafing, fewer and thinner saddle pads, and remove the need to over-cinch the saddle.

Before and After:

This is a pre and post asymmetrical fitting of a DK saddle

Unexpected Benefits: 

Robert had ingrown hairs that had calcified from poor saddle fit before he switched to a DK! Nobody expected these to ever go away and yet after 6 months with a DK they were all gone!

Fully Customizable:

Anything your heart desires we can create! 

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