Saddle Fitting

Horse Measurement Instructions 

Horses are asymmetrical by nature; they often carry one shoulder in advance of the other or have unevenly developed back and loin muscles. A properly fitted saddle compensates for this asymmetry, helping the rider to sit in perfect balance making it easier for the horse to carry the rider and to develop proper muscle.

Conventional saddles do not always allow the degree of adjustment necessary to achieve a perfect fit, only a saddle with an adjustable tree and a method of compensating for the lateral asymmetry can be fit perfectly to the horse.

At DK Saddlery the saddles are designed for maximum adjustability. Featuring an adjustable German gullet plate and flexible tree, the saddle can be adjusted to fit any horse.

At DK Saddlery we believe an adjustable saddle combined with the Flair air-panel system provides the necessary tools for creating a perfect fitting saddle. The saddle fitter will fine-tune the fit of the saddle by observing the rider at various gaits and adjusting the air pressure in the Flair panels.


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